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FEL has a manufacturing & assembling unit for professional lights and related accessories. Our complete solution in Professional Lighting Area provides excellent flexibility to decide the right solution fit.

Our solution has a proven track record to accelerate: energy savings, energy efficiency, and optimized maintenance along with improved citizen safety. Robust experience, skilled R&D, and excellence in the product made. FEL is one of the best Professional Light solution providers in Bangladesh.

FEL wishes to become a pioneer in this arena by adding a few values, namely: reducing energy consumption and lowering light pollution for the people.

Our Services

Lighting Design Assistance & Fixture Selection

We evaluate the project design intent and work with stakeholders and designers to come up with an optimal lighting design that fits the Owner’s vision using best practices for fixture placement and illumination design.

Specifications and Plans

Once an overall lighting design strategy has been identified, we will finalize fixture selections and write final lighting specifications for use in project documents.  Schematic ceiling plans can be provided to aid designers in completing construction drawings, followed by fixture submittals.

Photometric Lighting Layouts

Interior and exterior photometric layouts provide a point-by-point analysis of light levels.  This is a crucial step to verify proper illumination in space and serves as a way to prove our lighting design and specifications.


FEL can provide visual representations of our photometric layouts through 3D renderings. These serve an important role in illustrating how a space will look and feel.

Project Budgeting

At FEL, we know the importance of finding the perfect lighting solution that fits within the budget. We get it right the first time.  Thanks to our collaborative approach, we understand the true impact of lighting and are able to provide packages that satisfy both design intent and budget realities.

And if a lighting budget isn’t yet established, we can help with that too!

Energy Audits & ROI Analysis

Upgrading existing facilities from legacy lighting systems to today's energy-saving LEDs can seem daunting.  With our energy audits and ROI analysis programs, we can demonstrate how affordable and profitable upgrading can be. Learn more...


Old Lighting Upgrade Service

Site Assessment & Audit

The first step in undertaking a lighting upgrade is to evaluate what the existing conditions are and to understand how the facility operates today. PLS will come out to your building to assess the existing lighting. We’ll walk the whole facility, not only to count fixtures but also to examine what kind of light levels are currently being achieved and to see if this is adequate for the facility’s needs.

Lighting Analysis

After auditing the facility’s existing lighting system and collecting all our data, we develop a new lighting solution. Through the use of photometric layouts, we simulate our proposed lighting design to verify that it meets your needs and provides the proper light levels. In a lighting upgrade, saving energy is part of the goal…but the final solution must have the lighting performance to match.

Financial Analysis & Rebates

Once we have verified the performance of our proposed solution, we perform a custom project ROI analysis for you using our energy software. Crunching all the numbers, including energy savings, hours of operations, material costs, labor costs, and potential rebates & incentives, we establish a complete evaluation of the energy and financial impact of the upgrade project.


After our analysis is complete, we present our findings to the decision-makers on the project. It is important to have everyone see the whole picture—from the energy savings to the return on investment, and ultimately how the upgrade can get you positive cash flow.

Install & Dispose

Working with the electrical contractor, we will coordinate the installation of the new lighting system as well as the removal and disposal of the old.


We innovate our own products and after manufacturing in our well-equipped manufacturing plant transport, distribute and sell those to every corner of the country. In manufacturing we firmly keep a thought in mind of generating employment opportunities and socio-economic development.

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